feedback required: Zach Tromp- “Lost”- a visual metaphor by Ryan Pinkall

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      Hey, everyone! i’m new to this forum, hoping to get some feedback on my latest project. I’m a 19 year old film student in sarasota, florida.

      the project is not meant to be a music video, it is a visual metaphor directly related to the song, “Lost”. Florida rapper Zach Tromp finds himself struggling with situations in life, the metaphor is going through life not knowing where it’ll take you and ultimately ending up isolated. that’s the concept we were working with. keep in mind that we’re both only 19 years old still working on our crafts πŸ™‚


      behind the scenes:

      update: things i would change if i could go back-

      overexposed sky, too green of a tint on the forest scene and it drags on too long. we were working with a pretty tight deadline, i attend Ringling College of Art and Design just finished my freshman year, Zach is a local musician.


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      Now this is my personal opinion but I would have liked to have seen the singer with money and losing it. Another point is when he was running he did not seem that he did not know where he was going. More of a desperate mood would have helped, face shots of being confused / desperation would have helped. The only part that he seemed unsure was in the water. this video should have shown him completely unsure out his whole existence. Take it for what it is worth and think about it.l Others will chime in and might not agree with me, just my two cents worth. Good exposures and contrast. Think about it a little and see what you can come up with. I really think you could make a cool music video out of this.

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      charles, that would definitely be one way of approaching it, it just wasn’t our vision. good ideas though! I actually made sure he had more of a neutral facial expression until he got to the forest, mainly to depict just “going through the motions” until the conflict (losing himself) kicks in. The forest was meant to act like a sudden moment of realization, slowly he realizes that the path he is going down is not at all how he planned.

      so that’s my reasoning for it, but hey, just two different people’s opinions man!

      appreciate the feedback!

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