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      I’ve learned a lot here on this forum, thank you.

      On this video linked below I kept the ‘Rule of Thirds’ in the back of my head the entire time.

      I added more ‘contacts’ to the camera for steadier shots.

      Overall I’ve gotten the most positive praise on this video than any other.

      I would like to thank everyone that has responded with feedback to my other posts. It was hard at first to read some of the comments, but I took the feedback and learned from it.

      I’m still learning and getting better equipment (video stabilizer) is next.

      Please enjoy and ride a bike

      Thank you,

      Live Happy and Successful

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      Now this is a video I can watch. I think you found your niche. Honestly, much better than the last one. This one is almost like an on the street, in your face, doc or news report. I liked it – it worked fro me. This video felt like an on the spot raw report of an event.

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      Hi Luke –

      Better but you still have learning ahead. I took some time this morning to see what I could do in an hour – The end result is here:

      <span class=”watch-page-link”></span>

      I used Sony Vegas Pro 11 native functions with the exception of Levelator to fix up the audio a bit (I didn’t have access to the original audio so was constrained by that – look up normalization and how to do that in your NLE) and ProDad Mercalli 2 to try to help with some of the shakiness.

      For starters, it is easy to do a nice title – It sets up what is to follow and can make a difference in preparing the mindset of the viewer. The one I put on your video took about three minutes.

      I am not fond of all the panning but would instead replace most of it with simple cuts, but that is more a preference thing rather than a rule.

      Learn about color correction – I applied my fixes across the whole video but each clip would have it’s own needs. I bumped the gamma, saturation and contrast a bit and then crushed the blacks a little (Sony FX filters used were Color Corrector, Brightness & Contrast, and Color Curves – in that order. FYI – I use all three on almost all of my footage).

      You also had some cuts to a frozen frame and then it started moving (around 5:57 for example) – Just disruptive in the flow IMHO.

      Last thing I did was add a touch of black screen to the end of the scrolling credits as I felt it ended too abruptly. Also, you don’t need to say “Credits” on the screen – everyone know what they are.

      Just my $0.02.

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      I did this vid about five years ago – just before I started color correcting my stuff. It chronicles a fund raising/awareness bike ride – Note the various shooting angles.

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      First @Luke, I did like the raw in you face street type format, it worked for you. I too feel you found a format that in time you will make your own. Each producer/director sees something different in a shot, think of a rainbow, two people standing next to each CANNOT see the same rainbow, it has never happened and never will. A rainbow is the refraction of light through water droplets, therefore ones location is relevant to ones perspective of the rainbow. The same is true for production/direction, what one brings to the table (or eye piece) is a collection of ones life events and his view of the world. That said, your work re-worked is another persons view of the rainbow, keep standing in your place, soon your glasses will be clear. All in all I think you did a nice job. I lived in Houston back in 75-77, (ages 8-10) my memories of that time should never be spoken of in public, so I almost did not watch it because of its location, but I did because I did watch your other videos and wanted to see your progress.

      Second @Bruce, I may be dismembered for this. Last year at a talent show a teen boy did a nice YO-YO skit, He worked very hard on his act and even timed it with carefully chosen music. In fact the music was critical to the entire act. I shot that talent show and made 300 DVD’s and gave them to everyone that was in the show. It took me several months to edit over 4 hours video from three cameras. The audio and video came out good. When I gave the DVD’s away my son posted segments of the talent show on Youtube, and he did not like the YO-YO act music so he changed it. I had a talk with my son about altering the video of someone’s work. I told him if he did not like the music then do not post the video, or ask the young man about overlaying another track. But I told my son that I owned the copyright and to remove his altered video. My point?

      My son was free to offer verbal advice, and even send him some suggestions to ask about (they know each other) overlaying it, but he did not he just took it upon himself to alter his work. Later we saw the young man again and his feelings were affected by the altered video (he saw it before it was removed) my son did make thinks right.

      When I took a writing class, my instructor felt one piece I did could you some brushing up before publishing, I said OK. In every other case the instructor would mark in red what she felt needed improvement, however in this case I did not see it again until the proof came off the press. She re-wrote the entire piece but used my concept, she just altered the title, and the color a bit, but it was no longer mine. I demanded it be left out of publication, I was told no because it would greatly affect the layout of the magazine (before computers were used) it was published under my “fake” name.

      My Point? IMO it is OK to offer advice, pointers and tips, but I think a line is crossed when someone re-works your work with what they feel it should have looked like. Luke is seeking advice on how to improve his talent, and what he produced for the event worked, and in time he will learn the finer tips, and some of that is by people telling him. But to take a persons work and re-work the entire project, it is no longer his but yours, you took existing video and re-worked it through your eye of life experience.

      Art produced is in the eye of the producer.

      As you can see this is a soft spot for me because I have had so many do it to me that were in the end wrong because it was not my vision.

      I hope I did not offend you Bruce?

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      I must say that the work Birdcat did cleaned it up and got rid of the freeze frames but it is way too dark now. The sky at the beginning looks greenish also. It looked blue in the original. i think you overdid the corrections IMHO. Not trying to start a mini war butI have to say what I feel on this.

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      Firstly, let me apologize to Luke if what I did offended him in any way. I have taught photography for over twenty years and video for about five, and have found the best way to get students to remember what I show them is to use their own work when illustrating a concept.

      Gregory, I did not mean to offend you if I did. I had a little extra time and thought Luke might want to see what could be done relatively quickly to improve his work. I posted the re-worked video as an unlisted link, meaning that only those folks who were following this thread could see it (it won’t show up in a search). In no way was I attempting to claim credit for anything other than making an illustrative point(s).

      Dagunner – I agree – I just didn’t have 1) access to individual clips to work with or 2) time to slice & dice into separate clips (for video and audio) so I applied some track fx based on an “average” of multiple frames.

      Luke – If you want me to delete my example, please let me know and it will be down as soon as I see your request.

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      Bruce; it did not offend me, it is just a soft spot with me. I do not know “you” but I have come to know your post and I know you had the best intentions in mind. Just my own experience in learning trades, I have always felt that when this was done to me, well….but each student is different in their learning abilities.
      I have found that if I could point out an existing work to a student w/o affecting their own it tends to sit better and in my experience the student was not so distracted by their own work being affected. We home schooled our children and we used a very tough course set, it did pay off well, but over 12 years x 2 I gained a lot of experience in teaching by using existing work. Although my children were young the first time I tried a re-work of their work, their tears had a huge impact.

      But it may just be my personality because this is a soft spot.

      Luke it would be good to chime in on this issue, since Bruce is a teacher in this art, I defer to him, but it is you the artist that must be open and honest with a teaching style, otherwise learning ability is stumbled.

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      @Mediafish, your comment made me laugh and smile, thank you for that!

      @BirdCat Wow, you did change how the video looked.
      What are “Sony Vegas Pro 11 native functions”?
      What is “Levelator to fix up the audio…”
      I will look “look up normalization and..” (any free videos you can point me to?)
      What is “how to use it in your NLE”?
      What is “…ProDad Mercalli 2…”
      Any good free videos you can point me to on “learn about color correction..”
      What is “IMHO”?

      @Gergory, I agree that everyone’s perspective is different. I do think about other videos I’ve seen that I like and use them as a reference point.

      @Everyone, thank you for watching and providing feedback. I’m glad this one was improved. Yes, I’m a work in progress.

      It did not offend me to have my work redone, by professionals that want my work to be the best. I’m open to listening and learning. I believe that criticism is hard to listen to. I do my best to take it, reflect on it, and then decide if change is in order.

      @Bridcat I will send you the raw footage next time, and just spend 1 hour on it, I’ll be grateful.

      @Gregory, I applaud you for your defense. It takes a very brave person to stand up for themselves and an even braver man to stand up for someone else. We need more people that like you.

      Thanks all for your help!

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      Hi Luke –

      Let me say I’m glad you took what I did in the spirit in which it was intended – as instructional and illlustrative.

      The native functions I spoke of are the ones built in to the package – simple text, transitions, video & audio FX, etc…

      Levelator is a free app that adjusts the audio levels to be relatively equal across the entire clip you are working with. You can get it here:

      Prodad Mercalli 2 is an add on that helps reduce camera shakiness. Not everyone knows this but I have Parkinson’s disease and hand tremors are tough to deal with in video – using a camera with optical image stabilization is a start, making sure I limit hand held shots to short ones, using a tripod when possible and utilizing software all contribute to giving me usable footage.

      A NLE is your non-linear editor – The software you use to take the raw footage and craft it onto your final presentation. “How to use it in your NLE” simply points out that from a functional basis, most NLE’s are similar but from a implementation viewpoint they can be very different – You should learn how your most commonly used features work in your NLE of choice.

      If you search YouTube for how-to videos for your NLE, you’ll find many – some good, some not – You need to be the judge if the information is a) accurate and b) helpful.

      IMHO == In My Humble Opinion

      If you’d like to send me video clips, let me know and I’ll set up an FTP drop for you on one of my domains.

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      @Luke, thank you for your kind words. You are an example of how people travel a different path in life and therefor end up with a different view of matters.

      @Bruce, Bruce your student speaks volumes for you. This is a field that you have taught in long enough to know how to be a very good teacher.

      The experiences one has in life and the memories one recalls is what makes up our personalities as we are not born with who we are, we become who we are by our journey in life. My journey took me into the very darkest undercurrents of mankind, and I have lived in the belly of the beast, therefor some of the approaches that “normal” people use are very strange to me, but as with life and our personalities they are always adapting and changing, and I will now adjust my viewpoint and open my understanding to the teaching method of “using ones own work as an example to teach.” Thanks Bruce.

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      @Gregory – I’ve lived in that beast’s belly myself so I have some idea of what life pain is (we can discuss off list if you’d like).

      My son Seth’s favorite band was Rise Against. and in their song “Swing Life Away” is the line “Let’s compare scars, I’ll tell you who’s is worse”. To me, that just reinforces my belief that we all have our hell’s to march through – They are different from each other but to the person going through it, it is painful and who am I to judge if theirs is better or worse than mine – To each person, it is their own private hell and bad beyond compare.

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      We share a similar feeling about the paths we walk.

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