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      Hi, was just hoping to beg for some feedback. This is the 2nd real video I ever put together so take it easy on me if you can, but be honest.

      I filmed this with a mix of my Sony non-HD camcorder and the ContourHD helmet cam I just received as a gift. I’m really just a newb and would appreciate any advice people have…

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      Forgive me, here is the video embedded… darn small thumbnail! Or maybe not, it shows up right in the preview window, what am i doing wrong?



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      it keeps stopping…

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      One of the hardest things is to tell a story in a short time as you have probally found out.

      you had some good and imaginative ideas, the garage and car scenes were nice.

      I think that a common mistake with short films is that the start of the film has a lot of content and then the pace is quickened to get the story told leaving the rest of the film thin —–this is the case with yours.

      With a two min movie you have to hit the ground running, your pace at the beging would have been fine for a 20 min movie.

      This is where a script or shooting scedule helps, as a simple guide divide your movie into three parts, a begining, midle and end,then draw a shooting plan- (a pro will have a script and story board).

      As a learning tool it is good to shoot the same movie again using the lessons learnt from the first time.

      Nice effort keep going


Viewing 3 reply threads
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