Feb 2005 – Pg. 46-52 – 11 Steps to add some spice

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      I have to say, that’s gotta be the best article I’ve ever read. Now, while I myself have already known all that stuff about editing and such, I think it’s great that it was published to help people who didn’t know it.

      A word to the wise – do what that article says, and you’ll have a good advantage in the filmmaking community.

      ALSO, not the last page (Jargon) look at “Whip Pan”..read what it says. Yes, that’s how it’s done. I did about 4-5 of those in my last movie (Armed Conflict), and so I’m glad the put that in there. They should put a whole article about flashy transitions that are non-conventional (like using whip pans and scenery with alpha channels to transition).

      KEEP IT UP!!! πŸ˜€

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