Feature recording with rode ntg2 and zoom h4n

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      Hey folks,

      So I’ve finally got me a decent mic – a rode ntg-2, with boom pole, shock-mount &c, but I’m looking to get the best possible audio for an indie feature we’re shooting this summer, hence am looking for an easy to use, highly portable recorder. Having looked at reviews here, it seems the zoom h4n or h2n are good bets as field recorders, but I’m leaning more toward the h4n because of the xlr inputs. Do any of you have experience with this set-up? I’ve noticed on old forums some issues with dramatically decreased level when using boom mics into the H4n, but have also seen suggestions that this is just a matter of tweaking the settings on the h4n. Anyone had and/or fixed such problems?

      Lastly, I assume you would recommend keeping the audio entirely separate from the video and synching them together in post. Or should I be running a cable from the zoom to the camcorder (XHA1) to keep them together?

      As always, all your help is greatly appreciated.

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       Elana, just my .02 worth, for what it’s worth since I haven’t tried anything like this. I would try to connect directly to the videocamera. This would save the bother of sync and any other issues with the loss of sync on longer audio tracks. A lot would depend on the actual situation involved, especially the distance and logistics of the wire run to  the cam. Keep shooting.

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      We use mostly all Rode mics. We also use about 3-4 H4n’s depending on what is being shot. We do not use much wireless. And, we use wired mics to the camera on boom poles and wired mics to the H4Ns either on boom poles or strategically placed on the set/scene. We both sync the sound and use the sound recorded by the cameras. We have actually used just the H4Ns with no mics just the H4N onboard mics for ambient sound capture.

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