FCP7 plays stalls when trying to view edits and render question

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I am having trouble viewing my material after I make edits. I always have to render things, and the playback often stalls after only being able to see a few seconds of what I have done. I tried everything from watching in a smaller screen, to adjusting the RT playback, but it still stutters and stops during playback.

The other question is, Why do I have to render so much. I convert my .mts files to .mov using Toast. I convert using the Apple ProRes 422 codec. If I have two tracks of video that I lay down on top of each other, when I go back to play one I have to render the one I black out. I spend entirely to much time rendering when I know people are editing much faster.



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It could be, Mark, that your system & processor, memory, simply aren't powerful enough to handle RT playback smoothly.

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There are two common causes for frequent rendering in FCP:

1) You're trying to work with H.264 material. You should transcode that to ProRes422 before bringing it into FCP.

2) Your Sequence settings don't match your footage settings.

When your playback is stuttering, this is usually because your storage device is not transferring data fast enough to your computer. If your footage lives on an external drive, it should NOT be connected through USB2.0. Instead, go with FW800 or eSATA.

Also, if your footage lives on your system drive - the main hard drive of the computer - that will cause performance to drop as well.

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Thanks, I think I need to make adjustments for just about all of that.


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