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      The issue I am running into when I export from FCP and import to AE the sequence is degraded. The film I am using is from a T3i @ 2048 x 1024 HD ProRes 422 HQ 23.98. what do I need to change in my setting in FCP or AE

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      That camera doesn’t shoot 2048 X 1024 footage. It sounds like you upconverted your footage when you transcoded it to ProRes. That is likely the reason why your footage is degraded.

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      Looks like you stretched the width and squashed the height of the footage. It should be shooting in 1920 x 1080. Also, if you have a lot a fast movements with the camera the CMOS sensor does not handle that very well with vertical objects, like telephone poles, fence posts, and the like. Do you have an example you can show us?

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