FCP update 5.1.4-Does anyone have a download link?

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      I use Final Cut Studios 1.5. FInal Cut Pro 5 is part of this package (as most of you know). Here’s my problem…

      I recently had to reboot my Mac and in turn, Reinstall Final Cut Studios. But when I try to update the software with the Mac updater, it only does a minimal update. It still reads version 5.0. After an extensive search, I found a couple of updates that upped me to 5.1.

      But I need 5.1.4.

      According to all of the searches that I did on line, Update 5.1.4 is no longer available either through the updates or on Mac’s website. Everyone seemed very upset because of the same reason I am.

      Here is why I need it.

      I created most of my FCP project files using the version 5.1.4. Now, with my computer only updating to 5.1, I can’t read any of my project files because I created the files using a newer version and i am trying open them using an older version… Essentially.

      My question

      Does anyone have a download link to this (now) unavailable update, where I can get this update? I have looked everywhere on the internet and MAC website for 2 days.


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      Here are some links to back up my post.



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