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      Hi, I am trying to send my sequence to compressor or soundtrack pro and I constantly get a crash after it has been rendering a while. I tried complete uninstall, then the compressor fix I found on the net. nothing seems to work? apple here.

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      Hi David,

      When you tried to do a complete reinstall, how did you initially uninstall the program. Hopefully you used Digital Rebellion’s FCS Remover:


      Also, what is crashing during a render, Compressor? If you are utilizing a Quickcluster, Compressor doesn’t like that when you send a sequence from FCP to Compressor. Instead, go to File > Export > Quicktime Movie. At the bottom of the dialog box UNCHECK the “Make Movie Self-Contained” option. Export to the desktop and then bring that into Compressor.

      For Soundtrack Pro, try exporting an OMF file from FCP and bringing that into Soundtrack Pro.

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      thank rob. yes I used the fcs remover. fcp is where the crash is happening when It starts the automatic after 5min sequence render. it never makes it though. it crashes then compressor can’t continue. I just turned off the auto render to see if that helps. thanks I will try all of those options and repost results.

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      Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.
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      welcome daffodil k. I think I isolated the problem. I turned off auto render at 5 min. no crashes since. I still have not roundtripped to soundtrack pro but am keeping my fingers crossed.

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