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      Hey all,

      Just wondering what some of you are using for a workflow with FCP (v.6.0.6) and HDV footage.

      I may need some more storage space (currently using a seagate external) and I am trying to figure out how both my imacs can access captured footage.

      any tips would be great!

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      Are you and someone else trying to edit collaboratively on twoMac systems needing to both accessfootage? Or, are you looking for a better(e.g. highercapacity) storage option? Maxtor has a 1 TB hardrive (which I currently own) that has power hookup, USB, along with twobigFirewire 400 ports. You might be able to accomplish a dual computer hookup usingboth Firewire ports. The size of port probably doesn’t match that of your Mac system, so you’d need a couple of 6-pin to 4-pin IEEE 1394 Firewire converters.

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