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      Hey everyone, I’m on a MacBook Pro now (yea!…maybe!) and using FCP Express. I’m currently working on my 2nd Mac podcast edit.

      The first time, I had one audio file (.mp3 phone interview), and one video file (.mov) that absolutely would not render. I was chopping up the interview (cutting "um"’s), and part of it rendered, and the rest would not (the first few segments did, then the remaining tail end I hadn’t chopped yet would not).

      Same with the video. Parts I clipped rendered fine, the remaining portion would not.

      Now the same thing is happening with the new episode’s files. 1 .mp3 and 1 .mov won’t render. Many other .jpg’s, .mov’s, and .mp3’s have rendered just fine.

      I know this is probably an easy fix and the main problem is I don’t know my machine well enough yet, but last time I ended up surrendering at 3:30 a.m. (about 12 hours after my deadline) and started anew back on the ol’ PC with PP, and got the show out 1 full day late. Is there a setting that limits how many files I can render or something?

      Before I blow this deadline so massively again, and neglect my other work and family, any help? As I write this, I’m slapping everything together in iMovie, but I don’t like it!

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