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      I am having a recurring problem with FCP.. When I go to capture, sometimes FCP will be unable to recognize my capture device (which is a Vixia HV30 camcorder) and then other times, it will time out and say that there is not enough or no information coming in from the capture device and it tells me to check and see if my capture device is playing anything or is connected properly (which it always is)… Keep in mind, there is absolutely nothing wrong my capture device… When I go to my other editing station, the device captures fine in FCP or iMovie and on the computer I have troubles with iMovie always works….

      Any suggestions/help?

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      Are you capturing through firewire? Sometimes the act of connecting through firewire (or usb) repeatedly causes the port the burn out because each time you connect, electricity suddenly starts going to that port. So the port on your Mac is probably burning out.

      This is why I use a deck and never turn my deck or computer off.

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      or you may have to trash the preference in Final Cut.

      Open a browser window in Finder>User name (whatever that may be)>Library>preferences>Final Cut Pro User Data> Trash the “Final Cut Pro 6.0 Prefs.

      DO NOT trash any other files in that folder or you will have to reinstall. Also, yours will not say FCP6.0 if you’re not using 6.0. It might say 5.0 or 4.0…whatever you’re using.

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      Yea, it shouldn’t be the firwire port as the computers a pretty new (recently upgraded)… If that is the problem though I will add it to my list “Why I HATE apple products…”

      What would trashing the preferences do?

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      Well a firewire port burning out has nothing to do with a manufacture. It has to do with repeatedly connecting a device to it, which causes repeated jolts of electricity being sent to the port. Whether you use a PC or Mac, it’s possible it can happen. And what do you mean by:

      “the computers a pretty new (recently upgraded)”

      Are you saying that because you recently upgraded, it qualifies as “pretty new?” That’s not really the case unless you got a new firewire port installed…

      Trashing preferences basically resets FCP. Sometimes when FCP is acting funny and you don’t know what to do, trashing the preferences usually solves the problem.

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      By recently upgraded I meant bought new computers.. They are under 2 months old…

      Thanks for the help, I’m going to go try that now..

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      It could be a bad firewire cable too.. I have had cables that worked sometimes and didn’t others.


      I would also try a control Q on your mac to let it resetup your device.

      hope some of this helps


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