FCE vs Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

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      hey guys, so I currently have final cut express but i am considering switching to a pc, and would use premiere since i am a littlefamiliarwith it. What are the pros and cons of these two programs?

      If it matters I use a canon HG21 and i shoot in 24p I make mostly short films

      ps i dont want this to be about mac vs pc, just FCE vs Adobe Premiere Pro

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      So, i am a Vegas Pro guy, and i haverecentlyworkedwith a Mac using FCE.I would suggest you take a look at Vegas Pro. It’s an excellent Video editor with some kick-ass audio editing abilities.also, the learning curve is minimal, By the third day using FCE, i knew almost everything. Also, Vegas doesn’t have that “unrendered video” thingthatFCE does. And in my opinion, thewindowslayout of Vegas is much more efficient than FCE. I have used PP once,but sinceday 1, i hated it.

      Come to the Vegas side.

      Or we will find you.


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      Those of you who want to follow this from both sides of the fence, check out the other post by ktodac in the Adobe – Premiere Pro forum.

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      what are the pros and cons between vegas and premiere

      i want what i use to be easy, but id rather have to deal with a bigger learning curve and have more professional/advanced options

      if it makes any difference, video isn’t my main specialty, audio is, i work in a recording studio and am good with pro tools and logic, so if needed i could always route all my audio to a different program

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      “i want what i use to be easy, but id rather have to deal with a bigger
      learning curve and have more professional/advanced options”


      Premiere has a much more ‘traditional’ NLE look and setup that is very similar to FCP and Avid despite Premiere came out years before FCP. Vegas’ setup looks nothing like those and once you get used to how it looks and how you work with it feels very ‘fluid’. Premiere is cool because it has easy ‘drag and drop’ for clips into the timeline. Vegas does that too. Though the systems are different, there are little things that make both programs ‘easy’ to work with and a PIA at the same time.

      Vegas will let you scrub through clips with effects without rendering but if you want to view it on a monitor or just do a quick ‘burn’ to AVI or QT you’ve got to render it first. Premiere will not do real-time effects scrub or playback (at least I haven’t seen it in CS3) you’ll have to render it first. Vegas has really simple faders that you can find on the ends of each clip in the timeline but if you’re not familiar with ACID you’ll initially have a bear of a time trying to figure out how to find and use them. Once you figure it out though their easy. Both Vegas and Premiere have similar methods to control audio levels inside a clip with keyframes and ‘rubberbands’ that are a female dog to figure out initially but are actually easy to use.

      Both programs really have their strengths but the biggest ones are Premier’s integration with Photoshop, AFX and Flash makes it the visual powerhouse barely behind Avid and FCS. Vegas’ integration with ACID, Sound Forge and the late Cinescore makes it hands down the audio powerhouse second only to Pro Tools. I use both programs depending on how visually or audio heavy a project I’m working on. Funny thing about Premiere or Vegas, sooner rather than later, you’re going to need Phoshop and or AFX to do certain things with your projects.

      No matter which one you get, the ease of use will come after the ‘hair-pulling’ sessions of learning how to use the programs. I’ve worked with Premiere since 97 and still get stumped on occasion. I started working with Vegas at v7 but had been working with ACID & SF since99 so I was familiar with the interface. I admit it was a lot easier and quicker to get rollin’ with Vegas, but then again I was experienced with Avid, FCP, Premiere and a lot of other NLE and AWS software.

      Toughest thing about any program these days is the software companies in order to keep the same prices (high) don’t feel that we need and ‘steenking manuals’. The manual that comes with Vegas is ‘thin’ at best. You don’t even get manuals with Adobe products anymore. What you do get is there so-called ‘Help’ sections which aren’t organized in any logical or condusive to ‘learning’ manner. In fairness, Adobe has put all their manuals on pdf, but if you don’t know where to look for them (usually hidden somewhere) in the many installation disks, you’re just stuck with the help section. More and more, Adobe just wants you to go online for everything which can be a monster pain. So be prepared to buy some supplementary ‘how to’ books particularly with Adobe stuff. I have yet to need anything for Vegas or other Sony products other than the occasional online tutorial or tip.

      So which one is better? Neither or either, it really depends on what type of projects you’re working on and your preferred style of workflow.

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