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      Anybody know anything about this: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/640311-REG/Delkin_Devices_DDMOUNT_MINI_DDMOUNT_MINI_Fat_Gecko.html

      I wouldn’t trust a big cam on it, but I have the Sony HXR-MC1 (lipstick cam), I think I would trust it to hold that cam on a car window/windshield maybe even side of a car.

      Anyone have any experience shooting through a windshield? I have a scene I would like to try this for. Glare? Debris? What other issues may I face?

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      The Mini Fat Geico (cough cough… I mean Gecko) looks pretty adequate for what it does (it will probably stick to glass better than anything else). One complaint that I found is that it won’t stick to a dashboard. Another complaint is that it wouldn’t stick for more than fifteen minutes, though they have probably used a surface that was the same or worse.

      Glass is most apt to stick. I’d play around with it a few times without the camera on and see how it all works out.

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      I personally wouldn’t trust a suction mount unless it was inside the car (on the dashboard – as you said).

      If you’re looking to capture footage from a moving vehicle, might I suggest Digital Juice’s LowRider – They have two models (small and large camera) and they’re on sale for the month of October.


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      Yes, I have done some of this (shooting thorugh auto windshield). One thing I can ensure you, you will need a polarizing filter. That way you can eliminate the glare caused by the glass.

      I have had pretty good luck by using a lightweight tripod and keep the legs closed up and placing the tripod on the floor and running it up between my knees. Now that assumes you have a driver for the vehicle which in my opinion is the only safe way anyhow; as someone needs to pay attention to the driving, while someone else is paying attention to the camera and the scene being shot.

      I have also used a sandbag and placed it on the dash and then lightly help the camera on top of the sandbag. Yo can buy them, but you can also make your own pretty easily.

      I agree with the other posts in that I would not trust a suction cup only type mount outside the vehicle. The Gecko mount would probably do OK for a very lightweight camera inside the car. Be sure the glass is clean and moisten the suction cup before placement.

      For outside the vehicleI have seen mounts that use a clip that fits under the hood and 2 suction cups. That would be trustworthy outside, as the strapwith clip under the hood will keep the camera from falling should the suction cups loose their grip.

      Artcile on the basics of auto mounts here: http://www.videomaker.com/article/13050/

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