Fast Help Finding Perfect Camcorder (Pan SD9?)

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      Okay, this has been an ongoing problem for me for about 3 weeks now. I have a week left before we start shooting our videos, and need help ASAP.

      I’ve been researching camcorders to fit the following specifications:

      • Less than $600 (Prefer around 500)
      • 3CCD
      • Great Picture Quality
      • Editable in Premiere CS4
      • Records to SDHC Memory Cards

      This is for a series of youth group videos, and I was thinking of getting 2 when I thought I could spend about $400/ea. but research has been more than confusing, as people generally have so many various views of great cameras, and in certain budgets they compare a $600 camera to an obviously superior $1100 camera. (Duh, the higher priced camera is going to be better… it’s nearly twice the price!)

      I’m not looking for anything TERRIBLY high as all the videos will end up on YouTube and perhaps DVDs to give to the kids after the summer. I also want something that’s slightly future-proof.

      Anything from Panasonic? Canon?

      I found the Panasonic HDC-SD9 that seems to fit the specifications, some reviews I’ve found have scared me a little.

      Sony uses their own super expensive MemoryStick Pro cards… don’t know if that’s really within budget.

      Anyone have some insight? What would you do?

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