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      Can anyone tell me if it hurts Mini DV tapes to fast forward them while they are playing? This feature is on most camcorders and Mini DV VCRs, and allows us to view the tape while it is being fast-forwarded.

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      compusolver Wrote:

      I don’t know if you’d say it "hurts" but you’re certainly putting more wear on tapes and heads, fast-forwarding that way. It’s better to press Stop, then fast forward close to the point you want to view.

      Thanks for the info! That’s kind of what I suspected. I have hundreds of tapes that I need to review for editing purposes. I just don’t have time to watch hour after hour to find what I am looking for. Can you give me any idea of how much wear I am putting on the tape and the VCR head when I review tapes at high speed?
      Thanks again!

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