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      long story short i have a main video playing. while that is playing, i have another video laid over the top of that. so you can still hear me talking, but see the other video. the other video has no audio. problem is, for whatever reason it’s doing this crossfade thing so half of my original audio is fading out.

      don’t know how to change it to where it just plays the regular audio and doesn’t fade anything. i just want the original audio to play while it shows another clip. thanks.

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      Daniel HartDaniel Hart

      When you say it fades out, do you mean it fades out completely until you can’t hear it, or it just gets quieter? Also, when you say that you have another video laid over the top, does that mean that you have it on a separate track? If it’s fading out, you should be able to see where the audio ends or where the fade comes in. Anyway you can post a screenshot so I can see what’s going on?

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      its basically trying to act like i have another video coming in, and wants to fade out audio a into audio b. thing is, its on it’s own in the video overlay track, and it has no audio to it. so all it ends up doing is slowly fading out me talking into nothing, and then as soon as it’s over, my vocals come back in super loud. i’ve also tried putting it in the same track, but it keeps muting out the original audio and the only way to get something is this dumb fade offset thing.

      also, doing the fade thing is the only way ive found to make the original audio stay. when i take it away, it’s just the “audio”of the first one, which there is none of.

      here’s a screen shot with the fade offset (the only way i’ve found to have some audio in there):

      and here’s what it does without it:

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      Separate the audio into 2 tracks. You are overlapping them. OR delete the audio track from the one that has no audio – click the dead audio and hit “U” to ungroup it from the video and then you can delete that track from the video.

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