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      This is the latest video camera stabliization system from Varizoom. ( http://www.varizoom.com/pages/flowpod.php ) This system will allow you to walk with your video camera without any shakes or bumps. The resulting video footage will look like your were floating over the ground. One of the tell tale signs of an amateur video is that the image is shaky and bumpy, as compared to a professional video which is rock solid steady, even when the camera is recording when the camera operator is walking or climbing stairs.

      This camera system goes beyond being a simple steady camera system, it is also a monopod. I purchased the Flowpod to shoot a family wedding. I wanted steady shots for the pre-ceremony and post ceremony events when I would be walking around chasing the bride and groom. I also wanted a either a tripod or a monopod system during the long ceremony. The FlowPod let me do both. I easily got the early shots with the FlowPod in steady mode. When the ceremony started it took only 10 seconds to extend the monopod. After the ceremony I was on steady mode for the reception. I never missed a shot. I shot with a Panasonic DVX100a camcorder. The Flowpod will work with many other camcorders, check the Varizoom site for exact models. ( http://www.varizoom.com/pages/flowpod.php ).

      This FlowPod is used, ( one wedding ), and is in excellent condition. The case, which I never used, is still wrapped in original plastic. This is the VP-FPC kit and comes with: FlowPod, Balancing Plate and Clamp, Custom carry case. Varizoom sells this kit for $ 519.00 on their web site. Besure to watch the online demos of the flowPod on their web site: ( http://www.varizoom.com/flowpoddemos.php )

      Auction going on now on ebay. Ends 10-18-05: Go to ebay and search for flowPod or use this URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/Varizoom-FlowPod-Digital-Video-Camera-Stabilization-Kit_W0QQitemZ7553686135QQcategoryZ64330QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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