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      Wow, 28 hour later- rendering of my 60 min project is still not complete.

      I have, I think, learnt a valuble lesson.

      I found an old VHS tape made for a now defunct entertainment group and decided to transfer to DVD.
      Copied it to the computer(walked away and did other things) and made DVD menu for all the skits and songs
      Played it back – the colour saturation was way too high and had to reduce it by-120. I ran a colour correction plug in to fix the problem.
      This, I think is the cause of the render time.

      I should have done colour correction at capture stage?
      Would this still take time to capture and cause render problems?

      The computer will be rendering while I am work and hopefully be finished when I get home.

      Looks like I might have to experiment with capture colour correction first.

      May have to re capture and insert into the existing project.

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      Just as I thought Hank.

      I am using Studio 9 plus. Looks like the programing etc does not allow for fast processing. What do expect for $99 ?

      A post back from my local computer club’s video editing fraternity have advised that I colour correct at capture.

      I actually found the DVD that has the Studio 9 instruction book on it – quite a few 100 pages. Guess what, they say colour correct at capture – the computer doest not have to calculate for colour correction.

      Hmmm . now what do I say to every one??
      If all else fails – read the instruction book.
      Better practice what I preach

      Thanks for the feed back Hank

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