Extracting 5.1 audio from Panasonic .mts files via Vegas

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      Why do I keep coming back to this little consumer camera when I have some nice big boy toys to play with? Because I LOVE the little bugger!

      Anyhow – now that I have had a chance to sit down and finally figure out how to find the different audio tracks in this camera via Vegas Pro – I thought I would post just how to do this since I know a few others have wondered the same.

      The first thing you must do – once you load the video track into vegas is to highlight the audio track. Right click on the audio track and then change the stream from Stream <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>1</span> to Stream <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>2</span>. NOW you have a 6channel audio in the first track. What I do is create 5 more audio tracks (copied from the original). Then on each track, right click and go to Channels. Change each of your 6 tracks into a separate channel. Now you have 6 completely unique audio tracks to work with!

      I am not yet completely positive what each and every track is, but here are my guesses so far – and I hope to find a solid way to verify this either via a better controlledaudio test or published somewhere.

      Channel 1: Front Left

      Channel 2: Front Right

      Channel 3: Center (almost positive as it is pretty unique looking and the sound is pretty normal)

      Channel 4: LFE (POSITIVE on this one, just solo the track and have a listen!)

      Channel 5: Rear Left

      Channel 6: Rear Right

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      Have you tried deleting (or muting) some of the audio tracks and exporting the ones that are not muted?

      You can set any track to left or right:

      – WAV (1 & 2)

      – WAV (3 & 4)

      – WAV (5 & 6)

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      Yes I saw those options as well, but I preferred to make 6 completely separate tracks rather than have some combined tracks in there. This gives full control of each and every channel.

      Be sure to change the project to 5.1 as well so you can set speaker positioning for each track. The defaul stereo setup will not offer this type of balancing.

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      Just delete or mute all but one track, and then extract it.

      Itwouldn’t you any time to perform batch audio if it existed.

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      I see you want to extract track per track as a single file for each?

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      I doubt there’s a way to export the entire thing as a single file (no video). You can definitely export them all individually (mute all but one each time).

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      Oh, yes there is a way to export it as a 5.1 file without video. A few ways actually. One of them will actually make 6 files for you (or however many tracks) when you render. Other formats may not be able to be re-opened by Vegas for editing, but DVD architect will read it just fine.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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