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      You’re probably laughing your socks off now (English expression) and looking for a reasonable priced external microphone for my Canon XL2. I have purchased a Canon without the microphone so I’ve been using the microphone from my xL1. However, I wish to purchase a new or secondhand microphone for the xl2 camera, at a reasonable cost. You probably thinking What am I doing using camera of that age. I am a new beginner in video production, however I’ve been doing wedding videos for 12 months, (seems a lifetime) it seems a great camera….. so, if you can guide me in the right direction I will be eternally grateful.

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      Are you looking for a handheld mic or something to mount to the camera.

      A good, basic handheld mic is the Shure SM-58

      If you want something mounted onto the camera, look into Rode and Sennheiser shotgun mics.

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