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      I have a SOny HC21. Has no external mic jack, and does not have an intelligent accessory shoe. Am I SOL on an external mic of any type??

      Any help would be great….Thanks


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      Unfortunately YES, you are SOL. As manufacturers continue to lower the prices on their camcorders they continue to remove features that we used to take for granted. Also missing on some of these newer cheaper models are:
      1. S-Video jacks
      2. LANC jacks
      3. Headphone jack
      4. Decent low-light performance

      You have to be real careful when you shop for a camcorder these days. They ain’t what they used to be.


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      Thanks for your help guys…maybe i can use it…..If i get something to record from an outside source, how hard is it to get the audio synced, or even get the audio into the computer?

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