External mic help on GS-150

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      The external mic connection when used with a mic works correct. Now here’s the question. Tonight I filmed my kids X-mas play at church. I tried to hook directly to the sound board from the "tape out" and the "headphones" jack. I could hear the mics hooked to the board, but there was a loud buzz like something wasen’t grounded. From the camera I ran a 1/8 patch cord (stereo) to a 1/8 splitter, then plugged two cables into the splitter, one for the right and one for the left, then plugged the RCA’s into the board. If you’re wondering about the splitter set up, forget it. It’s not the problem. I tried it with and without it. The sound guy said it could be something to do with the impediance. Because the signal from both of these sources were amplified. If this is the case is there any way around it. If it’s not the case, what did I do wrong? Thanks in advance

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