External Drives for imac 24"

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My office bought an iMac 24" with FCE. And it has USB 2.0, FW400/FW800 ports, and a single internal hard drive.

Every single training book or video tells you to run your files off a separate hard drive, so I want to add an external drive. I'm looking at LaCie, G-Raid, and OWC externals. If any of you have any comments about these drives, please post your opinions. Thanks!

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Those are all reliable companies. The only comment I have is to get a big hard drive. 1TB may be way more than you need, but hard drive space seems to be so cheap these days; used to be a dollar per gig.

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I recommend the LaCie Rugged. I've used them all over the world, in extreme environments (hurricanes, war zones) and never had a hiccup. They're MIL-Spec (MIL-STD-810), USB-powered, extremely portable, and pretty much the gold standard for traveling journalists.

I've seen them at Apple stores, or:


I believe they have a 1T model out now.

Michael Kinney

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I recommend anything with a Western Digital drive inside. I have personally had bad luck with Maxtorr, Seagate and never ever buy a DeskStar (nicknamed Death Star they are so bad) drive. I have had good luck with Lacie drives too.


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as far as the WD mybooks are concerned... The original ones we bought a few years back are outliving the newest ones we bought last year... quality gone downhill.....

g raid and lacie are good.

I just set up a dlink323 net as a raid for back-ups, but you'll need a second (go with firewire) raid set up for working on.

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I can't speak to the mybooks. I generally build anything I need including external hard drives. Can pick up an external enclosure and stick in the drives/sizes you want easier than picking up something at a big box...but that's me and I'm cheap!


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Is there an eSATA port on it? That is technically a SATA but with a line to the outside.