External device for handling multicam?

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      I heard that there is some device, like a box with a handle (that you can see on AB-roll switchers) that can connect to a computer and supports Premiere and you can use the handle to switch from camera 1 to camera 2 with transitions. (like with the switcher).

      What is this device called? I’d like to look it up!


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      I’m not sure of the details, but what your talking about is called a Video Switch, or a Video Mixer.

      These are often to record live events, such as broadcasts, plays, etc.

      In addition, most support 4 video channels.

      I’m not the most sure of you’re talking about with premier, but here’s an example of a video switcher from Focus Enhancements:


      I think it has an ethernet port, but I do not know what you can do with it hooked up to a computer.

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      No, that doesn’t seem right. What we use is a DFS-300 Sony:


      But this isn’t what I was reffering to either.

      I’ll have to search around. Thanks anyhow.

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      haha, oh well. it was a "device with a handle"

      sorry I don’t know. I do hope you find out though.

      Do you mean one that works just for the multi-cam post production with Premier?

      Hmm, I’m sure they make that, never heard of it though.
      Might as well just edit old skool, just using the switcher and the tape, rather than buying more equipment for Premier.

      Nonetheless, good luck.

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      Well, I work for a production company and my boss told me he used to have such a device a while ago and he asked me if he should buy it. (He has no idea about editing) and I told him that even though I hadn’t seen it, but if it works like a switcher – hell yes get it! It would be so much easyer to do the transitions live rather then having to go through the whole time line again and add transitions. (With the ABroll switcher you add effects live too! Doubt that a device for the computer would be THAT complex.)

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      You can do it live without a computer, right?

      Just hook up your cameras to the Sony DFS-300 you have, edit live, and record the output on a VTR. Is that possible?
      You can’t really go back and make any detailed cuts, but I assume the Sony DFS-300 has transitions and etc.

      Your right though, a nice switcher compatible with a NLE shouldn’t be that complex, and definitely beats adding in all the transitions, especially for a long video. Hmm… There has to be one.

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