Extend Battery Life for Older Cameras

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      I still like shooting on my older Panasonic AG 456U SVHS camcorder, it still shoots good images and records great sound for a 10 year old camera and I can still get new batteries for it. Witch brings me to my question. I would like to know how to extend the battery life. This camera uses Lead-acid batteries, and I was told to drain the batteries completely before recharging them. Normally, I would recharge the batteries after the camera shut itself off because of low battery charge. A friend told me that I should connect a small 12 volt light bulb to the battery terminals to drain the rest of the charge before recharging. Can anyone tell me if this is a good idea or a bad idea?

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      you drain that battery too far and it won’t hold a charge. I’ve got a456 and a 455 in my closet, don’t use them much at all now…

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      If you drain a lead-acid batt down you will kill it.

      The light bulb drain shold only be done on Ni-Cad batt as these get a memory and then will only charge up to the lower levels.

      I have used both types and have killed both.

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