Ext mic for Everio

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I'd like to experiment with an ext mic for my GZ-MS100U...I understand that it may be possible to drive an audio in signal through the A/V jack.....anyone try this? I think the built-in is a condenser mic, so would a small preamp be needed with an external? I tried opening the unit up to add a jack but there's just no room in this tightly packed cam...

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I've seen some tutorials on addingmic jacksfor othercamcorders (google search). I don't recall exactly where off hand but they were done on some tight spaces. You coulod try someof the DIY forms.The tutorials decribed the wiring changes necessary. Some level of handyman skill is essential. If that is not an option, some other poster with this unit might be able to help with the A/V jack info or you could try JVC's support. Another direction that you might go touse an external audio recorder with a mic and join the audio and video in your NLE, although you were probably trying to avoid this.

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I saw on the VM community forums a post to a blog where it shows how to open a jvc everio. However, it seems that JVC found it was too easy to open their older camcorders. The recent hybrid Hard Drive / micro SD series GZ-HD500, 520, 620, are not anymore easy to open unless one breaks something. The bottom panel next to the microSD slot is no longer easy to open. I would not like to break mine (HD500BUS) but it has been a hassle to record with an external recorder. I have used so far a Sony ICD-UX71 recorder with astereo Azaden SMX-10 boom mike or a ECM-CS10 stereo lavalier (when I attached the mike to the subject in an interview) and then edit the sound (sync is done using a key sound signal or a clapper board), which is like going back to the 8mm ages. If someone has been able to open the new Everios without damaging, it will be helpful for many.