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      Hi all,

      I made a simple HD project which I’d like to burn on Blu-Ray disks.

      First of all, in my Exports settings of my PPro CS4, I have to choose
      between H.264 Blu-Ray or MPEG2 Blu-Ray. What is th emain difference here ?

      Second, I chose MPEG2 Blu-Ray and in the presets, I have the options
      between 1440 X 1080i 29,97 (which is how I shot the project with my
      Sony FX7) or HDTV 1080i 29.97 as well.

      Which one do I need to choose ?

      Third, in HD, do we have to care about upper or lower field first or
      that’s only for DV videos ?

      Thank you for any guidance!


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      I wish someone had answered you. I am having problems exporting HD to Vimeo. For some reason, half way thru the video, they stop working on vimeo. I tried H264, and that didn’t work. The only thing that works is mp. I am obviously doing something wrong, but what?? lol

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