exporting with gooed quality. how?

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      I’m new to the forum and to premiere pro. Right now I have premiere pro 2.0

      I’m making movie from sims 2 game. I already done the editing but when I export the movie, the clips quality getting bad. I don’t know how to fix this. I knew there are settings to choose from when you export, but I don’t know which one can maintain the real quality.

      What settings that can maintain the real quality?

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      How was the original footage recorded or captured? Also, what is the format type of the original footage?

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      The original footage recorded with built-in sims 2 camera. Its format type is AVI

      actually I’ve been experimenting with the settings. I’ve learned that xfire compressor give the best quality so far, but also a big filesize (5 mins 640 x 480 for 1.2 GB). And xvid mpeg 4 compressor give good quality (nearly as good as xfire). but in some parts of the movie, you can find jagged looks or boxes (I dont know what it iscalled), while give a friendly filesize (5 mins 640 x 480 for 55 MB).

      When I used Windows Movie Maker before, exporting doesnt give much choice of settings. But it gives a good quality and a good filesize. Its like xfire quality plus xvid filesize. I love it.

      Is there any settings from premiere pro that can give the quality and filesize as good as exported movie from Windows Movie Maker?

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      File>Export>Adobe Media Encoder

      The Adobe Media Encoder should allow you to render a video in a wide range of formats including Quicktime & Windows Media.

      Each format has a variety of presets that come with it for creating video with different levels of quality. The higher the kbps the better the display will be bu the larger the file size.

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      thank you

      but I find exporting to .wmv from Adobe Media Encoder takes a lot of time. Mine was 2 hours for 7 mins movie 720 x 480. and i chose crappy quality too.

      However I found a way. I export it with Xfire and with progressive scan. It produce 1.9 GB file for the same movie. Then this movie I import to WMM. and then I export it. The quality doesn’t degrade much, but the file size get down to 40 MB

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