Exporting to H.264 from HDV in PP CS3

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      Hey all,

      Was wondering if I could get some help here. I captured HDV footage to Premiere CS3 with a Sony camera. Project settings at HDV 1080i playing at 29.97 fps and 1440×1080. I’m trying to export it to Vimeo at 1280×720 using the H.264 file format. The problem is once it’s exported the footage is very jumpy like it’s skipping frames. I’ve tried playing around with different settings but can’t get away from the jumpiness. Any help would be much appreciated.

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      And what camera model and format of the video. Could be that Premiere doesn’t handle the format very well.

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      Sorry, I guess I didn’t give a lot of details to my problem. The video was shot on a Sony HVR-A1U in HDV 1080i60. Something that occurred to me why this might be happening is I shot it in this 30f cineframe mode. But, it plays smoothly on a 1080i60 timeline. (This is the same as 1080i with 29.97 fps, right?) Also, the video plays smoothly on the timeline although at the end of the edit of the ~2 min. video I was experiencing the audio going in and out (meaning it would mute and unmute as I was playing through the timeline). Also, my computer specs are Core 2 Quad 2.5 Ghz, 4 GB 1333 RAM, NVidia Quadro FX 3450/4000 all playing out on an Intel DX38BT board. Also, video files are on a separate hard drive from the system drive.

      That’s interesting you say it might be the computer cuz whenever I outputed the file from Premiere and double-clicked on the file to play in Quicktime, it would take at least a minute or two to pop up, which is hugely annoying since I bought all the parts for this computer just last year to “future proof” for HD and now it’s acting up. This also happens if I try to open a Word doc just by double-clicking on the file inside of Explorer. Actually, it freezes and doesn’t let me open the file. Could it be some sort of malware or spyware issue? I am indeed puzzled. Thanks guys in advance SO MUCH for your help!

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      >>Could it be some sort of malware or spyware issue?

      Scan it, scan it, scan it!

      But Adobe says Premiere wants a 3.2GHz processor for HD, so I am not surprised that a 2.5GHz quad would experience a little bit of stuttering.

      FWIW, I do not know where this might possibly fit into your budget, butthe Q9650 core2 Quad is out at 3.0GHz for about $330.

      I hope this can be of some help. However, I have not worked with Premiere yet, so I will defer to the others.

      I hope you get it solved….


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      Adobe’s minimum requirements are a 3.2ghz single core processor, any quad core will work just fine for HDV.

      I am not an HDV expert but we do have a few at muvipix.com if you can’t find any help here.

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      Alright, thanks guys! I’ll try that and come back.

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