Exporting to AVI takes forever!

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      Hi guys,

      First of all, I’m new in the world of video editing. I got myself a copy of Adobe Premiere CS3 and I’m trying to figure out how this stuff works. The first thing I’m trying to do is to put several .AVI clips I have together in another .AVI file, so after dragging the clips to the time bar in the bottom, I hit “export” and choose to save it in AVI format. The thing is that this operation takes almost two hours! The final clip is only 18 minutes long. Shouldn’t it take much shorter, given that the only thing I’m doing is joining seven AVI clips into one?

      Thanks guys.

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      I use CS3 too and have experienced those types of render times depending on the avi source, the project settings, the computer speed, the RAM, the hard drive speeds, the desired output quality and stuff like that. Do you understand what avi means and what is involved in rendering?

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      each of those .AVI files could be a different codec, requiring all kinds of time to sort out and code into a new file. i’d bet that’s what it is.

      try taking one of them and rendering just that one clip into a new clip. if it renders pretty quickly, then your software is probably okay. it’s probably slowed down by the large number of clips and different formats. this is what makes fast computers, lots of RAM, and CS5’s ability to use the video card to render, too, so appealing.

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      oh, also–try taking 18 mins worth of different clips ALL SHOT WITH THE SAME CAMERA (which would therefore likely have the same codec) and rendering that into one file, about that same length. i bet that will render much more quickly.

      i could be wrong here but i really think it’s just taking time due to different codecs.

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      Psuedosafari, you will love the GPU rendering, takes a good chunk out of the render time.

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      Yeah, I have upgrade to CS5.5. I can’t wait!

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