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      When I goto export a quicktime file from FCP, it gives me some weird options. I’m exporting it in full quality so that I can use Cleaner 6 to compress it. When I open the export window, it says “setting:” at the bottom, which is set to whatever I need. Below that it says “include:”, which is supposed to give me the options of only audio, only video, or both. Well, for some reason it’s giving me font types, like “plain, bold, italic, bold/italic. Has anyone seen this happen before? I couldn’t get a screenshot to show the dropdown options, but you can see that it says “plain” instead of “audio” or whatever.

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      Have you gone ahead and exported to see what happens?

      Does this happen regularly?


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      I haven’t noticed it in a few days. I’ll keep an eye out for it again. When I export it, it works just fine, audio and video are both in there. I just thought it was weird.

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