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      I am pulling my hair out on this one. If anyone can help me, you have my unending thanks.

      I shot a video using SD 720×480 in widescreen mode (16:9). In FCP I set up my movie in DV-NTSC Anamorphic. Everything looks correct and the clips imported without the need to render them which I’ve been told is a good indication that they were imported properly.

      All my editing is complete and I’m ready to output. I need a QuickTime movie that I can burn to CD so the movie can be seen on a computer monitor. I’ve been told to use "Export > QuickTime Movie" to create a QT in the highest qaulity, and use "Export > Using QuickTime Conversion" if you want to create a QT for the web. This movie is not for the web, so I am using the first method with the Current Settings which are:

      Frame Size: 720×480 (NTSC DV 3:2)
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: NTSC-CCIR 601 / DV (720×480) Anamorphic 16:9

      Doing this gives me a very NON-widescreen movie. It’s as if the Anamorphic checkbox has no effect on the output at all so everyone is tall and skinny. I’ve tested just about every combination of settings I can and nothing is working. I have successfully created a properly proportioned DVD version, and a properly proportioned (but low quality) QT movie using the "Export > Using QuickTime Conversion" method.

      Any suggestions?

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      I’m assuming you have QuickTime Pro 7+; if you don’t, you need it.
      Open your exported QuickTime movie in QuickTime Pro, then under WINDOW select SHOW MOVIE PROPERTIES. Then select PRESENTATION and click the box for CONFORM APERTURE and select CLEAN.
      Finally, save your movie. That should resolve the aspect ratio issue you’re having.

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