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      I read that it is not a good idea to nest multiple sequences in one sequence and then trim it in Encore to need.

      Why not??

      Since there is no que for batch exporting multiple sequences like there is in AE, I like it when I put multiple sequences in one final sequence, leaving a few minutes of black in between each, then at night, before I go home I do an export and in the morning, the whole event is exported! If I do each sequence at a time, I would be sitting around for hours.

      Do any of you also think that my way is no good? Why not?


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      It sounds like you are trimming and exporting sequences in PP to be used in encore, not importing and trimming in encore. Basically, you want PP to work with the nested timelines and not Encore, which is the way it sounds like you are doing it.

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      Maybe I didn’t explain myself.

      I made sequence 1, 2 and 3. Each will be its own DVD. There are 2 ways to export these sequences and import them into encore:

      1. To export each sequence on its own and import each to encore on its own and use each one in encore for a timeline to make a DVD.

      2. To make a final sequence that will have sequence 1, 2 and 3 nested in it (with a few seconds of space between them). Then you export this final big sequnce to one file and import it to encore. Since I need 3 DVDs… I make one timeline… trim the file… make the DVD…. then trim again and make another DVD and again for the third.

      Why would I do it this way? Because this way, I can export just ONE sequence from PP, so I can leave it over night and have my file ready in the morning for all 3 DVDs to be made.

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