Exporting from Premiere CS4 best format questions

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Exporting questions
Good day and I hope all are well.
My main goals for exporting.
1-Export for Youtube in HD, 16:9, best format possible with the lowest file size possible?

Using Cannon HF200
Recording mode FXP (Recorded in 1,920 x 1,080) HD
Camera settings
frame rate 60i
x.v. Color Off (I don't know what that means? does anyone else?)

Using Adobe Premiere CS4 (Win 7 , 32bit)
My project is HDV
XDCAM EX 1080i 60i (HQ)
16:9 interlaced HD video at frame rate 29.97

When I go to export in Premiere, what export settings are going to get me closets to my end result.

Here are the adobe media encoder presets I'm currently testing out:

H.264 Youtube (I think the video width and height will be too small)

H.264 144x1080i 29.97 HQ

MPEG2 HDTV 1080i 29.97 HQ

Windows Media Player 1080p 24 HQ 5.1

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Hi Luke,

Not sure what presets CS4 offered, but with CS5 and newer, there is a "YouTube HD" preset in the H.264 folder which is 720p and that works great for 1080 videos. Anything going to the web needs to be deinterlaced, and 1080 is too big for a lot of viewers screens, so 720p is a great option.

I believe the "x.v" color offers an extended color gamut that SOME displays can handle. I would just leave that off, it is not mainstream.

Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor Computers

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Thank you for the response.

Adobe Preset Exports in H.264
HDTV 720p 23.97
The youtube preset NTSC shows 320 x 240. If I click PAL it goes up to 720 x 526 25fps, IF i RE click back to NTSC it now shows 720x 480. If I use these will it still show HD quality?

What should H.264, NTSC and PAL mean to me anyways?
Can someone show me how to make a custom one that I can reuse for Youtube?

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H.264 Youtube (Was too small, shaky, grainy)

H.264 144x1080i 29.97 HQ (Biggest file size, looks really good. 5 mins, 800MB)

MPEG2 HDTV 1080i 29.97 HQ (Slightly not as large file size as H.264, Looks good)

Windows Media Player 1080p 24 HQ 5.1 (Smaller file size, grainy, shaky)

I'm uploading MPEG2 HDTV to youtube and youtube is showing this (The video you uploaded may have audio/video sync issues. Please refer to this article for advice on how to correct this issue should it arise.) UGH!!!


We have recording settings. For me I'm now recording only HD FXP (1,920 x 1,080). I believe this is true HD.

Next we have project editing settings. I use Premiere CS4, what project settings should I use and why? I am exporting to Web and for TV (Comcast)

Last, we have exporting settings. I'm watching some videos on this and learning, but what do you guys suggest for youtube, HD quality? For TV (Comcast) HD quality?

Thank you