Exporting from computer to S-VHS deck

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      I inherited an old S-VHS deck (a Sanyo GVR- S950) and I’d like to use it to tape productions created on Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. I need to do this because the local access station my media students will use to broadcat their work can only use S-VHS at this point.

      Here’s the connection set-up:

      The Firewire output from the computer running Premiere is connected to a Canopus ADVC110 capture card. I run the video to the S-VHS from the Canopus using an S-Video cable. I run the audio from the Canopus to the S-VHS using RCA cables. The video works fine but the audio is nothing but a buzz. What seeting am I missing here.

      Interesting enough, when I run directly from the Canopus to a TV everything is just fine. So clearly something is up in the way I configured the Sanyo. Problem is, no manual came with the Sanyo and I can’t find one online. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

      David Franz

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      This web site might help you find the manual.


      Ah yes I remember the good old days using S VHS tapes and twenty pound cameras for a PEG station. Now its miniDV tapes and a 1lb camera. I cant wait for someone to find the other end of the 1394 cable so we can down load withdirectly to the PC with firewire. Wait, What am I thinking, direct Wifi connections is really what I want.


      Take care


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      ensure that you have connected audio outs to audio ins. other that that, I would suspect faulty cable or faulty rca connection.

      Good Luck


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      Here’s how I fixed the problem in the short-term. I burned a DVD of the program, connected the DVD directly to the back of the S-VHS player and voila, SHVS copy. PITA, but it worked.

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