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      Hi again!

      first and foremost, thank you all for your help regarding my several previous issues in the past.

      Now, I’m trying to export a frame from a video 16:9 in Adobe Premiere Pro by using the FILE, EXPORT FRAME option. But when I bring it to Photoshop and play with it and shoot it back to Premiere, well, it doesn’t keep the 16:9 ratio..

      M question is very simple : Why Is That ?? 🙂

      What should I do to export, work with the pic and import back in Premiere by keeping the same size (lenght – width) ratio ??

      Whoever can answer this question, I’m willing to upload them an cold Sam Adams as a reward! 🙂

      Feel thirsty ? You know what to do now!



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      A cold Sam Adams? 😯 Whoa!!! As soon as I finish this post, I’m off to the store to find a beer mug that has a USB port! 😀
      I’ve encountered something similar to your problem when I import a still graphic, or an animated AVI into Vegas. I solve the problem by right-clicking on the clip in the timeline, then un-checking Maintain Aspect Ratio. I know you’re using a different brand of editor, but I suspect there will be a similar accomodation for maintaining/not maintaining aspect ratios. Apparently, AVIs have some aspect ratio property which only video editing programs bother to check.

      Down the hatch, 😀
      Ken Hull


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      Alright!!! I’ve got this covered! And underage…

      export in premiere – make sure you choose the option of 1.2 (or) 16:9 ratio. Then export, and play around as you wish in Photoshop.

      Then import the file into Premiere. Sometimes Premiere will squash it, as it usually converts files to 4:3. Simply right-click the file directly after importing, choose interpret footage, then have it convert to 1.2 or 16:9, not sure which.

      Then it will make it widescreen, just as you exported it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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