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      Am I reallyt his incompetent. I need to export from Final Cut Express a 6-7 minute video, but it needs to be compressed so I can upload it to the web. I have accomplished this previously, but the quality is awful. Any suggestions?

      Thanks much!

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      The typical nature of web video is that it is compressed for easy viewing and downloading. There is always a tradeoffbetween quality and size. You can use a common web format (such as WMV or QuickTime) and adjust the quality so that it is reasonable and stores efficiently.

      The best experience I have had getting good output with a web-sized file is using AVC MPEG-4 format. AVC (advanced video codec) is still a newly introduced format andseems to lackcompatibility with the majority of media players available.

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      I export Quicktime files out of Final Cut as H.264. In the options, set the Keyframes every 15 frames as opposed to every frame. You can move the “Quality” slider to High or Best and still have a pretty small file size. Medium still looks decent too.

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      Im using the same configuration of rob, exept that i set the key frame to 24 …. I can fit 10 min of 1280/720p in 480mb

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