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      I know this question has been asked over and over, but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer to my own personal exporting question.

      I’m currently working on a project for class, showing different shots and whatnot. The camera I use is the Canon HV20 and the editor I use is Adobe Premiere CS3. A few specs on my computer to get that out of the way: Quad Core Q6600, 1.5TB (3 500gb hds), 4gb ram, 8800GTS video card.

      Now, on to my question: When I import my video files from the camcorder, I use a firewire cable and capture the videos directly into Premiere. I then edit the videos as needed and then export. Usually, I’m exporting files for youtube, so I don’t care about quality those times. But when I want to export and then put on a DVD, I always seem to run into problems.

      I want to be able to export from APP, have the file be great quality (preferably the same or close to the HD that I imported), and burn to a DVD. If I export an uncompressed AVI, even for 1 minute and 50 seconds, I get a huge file size (I’ve had up to 6GB). Now, I understand that uncompressed HD video is going to be pretty large, and maybe that is normal (I’m new to HD), but I seem to have problems trying to find the right balance to export a good quality file that doesn’t skip or have broken pixels and such.

      So if anyone, based on this information, might be able to help me out, I would be very happy. I’ve tried different FPS (23.97, 29.97, 30, etc.), different pixel aspect ratios (most people point to 1:1 square pixels), and different codecs (I’m told to still export uncompressed and then use a compression program like Sorenson Squeeze or DivX to make it smaller for the web), but like I said, I can’t seem to find the right balance.

      I have the project I’m working on uploaded to youtube currently:


      Obviously I don’t want that much of a black border, so I need to fix that as well – original file resolution I believe is 1440×1080. I was able to get rid of the border by fixing the dimension size from the default 720×480, but maybe there is a different way as well.

      Thanks in advance!


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      Basically, the rule of thumb is (video_Import_settings)=Project_settings=Output(refined); If it’s HD widescreen, and you get a black border top and botom, well, oh well, thats HD.. don’t worry about it. Any “tweaking” and you asking for trouble. Distorted images, etc. Unless you ARE wanting that effect.

      here is an example, were it is distorted ON PURPOSE, shot in high def. It’s a music vid http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=IOrV9SYR-qk

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      Don’t worry about file size. In AVI format it’s normal to have files in GB and larger.

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