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      hi all,

      at college i take a tv production class and have filmed a commercial and psa. since i dont have a mac at home (PC user) i made sure i exported my projects to quicktime in final cut pro so i can show my folks at home during spring break what ive done. the commercial works fine, but for my psa i only get audio and a black picture. When it first starts, it tells me that i might need additional plugins and sends me to some site for quicktime plugins on the apple page.

      did i do something wrong in exporting or do i need one of these plugins?

      i should mention i filmed the psa with a different camcorder than the ones we are supposed to use. i believe it was a sony DSR-PD170 that i recorded my footage on a removable HDD that hooked up to the top. the commercial was filmed with a basic canon HD camcorder that we’re supposed to use. only reason i used the sony was because it was all they had at the studio and i was on a deadline so i took it.

      when i get back from spring break, is there something i should try differently so i can playback at home? it doesnt necessarily have to be a .mov file. a .wmv file would work or any other compatible format with PCs.


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      hmm…kinda hard to say without knowing the steps you took exporting. The camera used for shooting shouldn’t make a difference. It’s probably the export out of FCP that is giving you problems.

      What kind of quicktime did you export out of FCP? H.264 probably would have been the best option.

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      That is a codec issue.

      What Compression did you use when you created the quicktime file?

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      thanks for the replies.. i go bak on monday so i’l try to answer your questions and then and see if i can figure this out.

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