Explanation of Picture Profile Settings on Sony HVR-Z7U

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      I’ve spent a lot of time getting well acquainted with my HVR-Z7U, to the point where I even bought a training DVD (the one with Doug Jensen) to make sure I knew everything about it. However, when Jensen gets to the Picture Profile settings – involving color and gamma and so on – he says “I’d go over all these settings but that would take another entire DVD!” Well, not surprisingly, I really want to know what those other settings do. Yeah, I can see some changes when I play with the settings, but to be honest, I don’t really know what I’m doing with the camera when I change the settings. Is there a video, online postingor another training DVD that goes over Sony’s Picture Profile settings for the camera? Thanks!

      P.S.If someone is gonna take a crack at going over the settingsthemselves, I’m mostly interested in gamma – it kinda seems like contrast as far as I know, but again, I can’t find stuff to confirm that.

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