Exmor R vs 3MOS vs Canon HD CMOS

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      Which one performs better in low light and has a better picture quality:
      Sony Exmor R or Panasonic 3MOS or Canon HD CMOS or the upcoming Canon HD
      CMOS Pro?


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      Actually, and depending on the size of the sensor, CCD remains the preferred choice IMHO.

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      I think they’re all basically the same – CMOS sensors. It seems each brand sorta created their own ‘brand’ of sensors even though they aren’t much different. When it comes down to it, it’s really going to more depend on your lighting and camera work. No one is going to watch your video and say, “Oh I know he didn’t shoot with a camera that has the Exmor R sensor.”

      I also prefer CCDs over CMOS sensors though.

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