Excessive head cleaning?

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      I was asking this guy some questions about a vx2 I planned on buying from him, and he answered with:

      I normally record on panasonic DVC tapes. But I’ve recorded on a
      few sony tapes here and there cus I can’t find any panasonics. I
      know those 2 brands don’t flake off and mess up the heads for
      sure. Plus I run a tape cleaner through it after every tape.

      Isn’t that very bad for the heads to be excessively cleaned? And Should I use Sony tapes even though he has been using Panasonic for so long?

      About $1300. Worth it?

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      I never thanked you for your reply, so thanks.

      It’s been a few months since I bought it, and the heads are in bad shape. I am calling him up tomorrow and probably sending my camera for a cleaning/possible replacement.

      Fingers crossed.

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