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      Hi there, Im doing a small event and I need help choosing equipment. I have the following:

      1 x PC ( powerpoint laptop) VGA
      1 x PC ( application laptop) VGA
      2 x Video Cameras
      Microphone inputs

      1 x Projector (vga)
      2 x televisions/lcd ( vga/components)
      Record outputs to dvd ( either through computer or dvd recorder)
      I do switch between screens ( laptop inputs)

      If anyone has done this type of setup and can guide me to what equipment/software to get.

      Thanks in advance…

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      Hi Daniel: I think we need a lot more information about the event and how you’re planning to use all this equipment for before anyone can give you meaningful advice.

      Right now it’s kind of like a surgeon saying “I have scalpels and oxygen masks and bandages; what can I do with them?” We’d need to know what body part he’s operating on before suggesting how to proceed.


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      The event : Presenter > audience > 1 extend room – additional people (1 tv/lcd) > av room.

      Presenter has one projector, his laptop should be connect to us.
      There are cameras taping the audience and the presenter ( 2 cameras in the presenter room). Presenter has a mic.

      Extended Room, Two tvs/lcds in which people are seeing the presenter.

      AV room, we have a laptop with graphs which are overlayed in the extended room.

      We want to record the output onto a video ( any standard format will do).

      see my crappy mock up 🙂


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      I assume you already have :

      -Video Switcher

      -Audio Mixer

      if you do simply connect the output of both devices to a Video Distribution Amplifier similer to


      and from the Video Distribution Amp send the signal to the needed location. use one of the outputs to send to DVD recorder or HD recorder. the good thing about the model shown above is that it also distributes the audio…

      we have two of the (1 – 5 and a 1-10) they work great.

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