Evaluating a Telephoto Conversion Lens

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      Evaluating a Telephoto Conversion Lens

      I wanted to extend the range of my Canon HF11 camcorder from
      its maximum zoom of 12X for some wildlife and other long distance projects. I
      called B&H Photo Video and they recommended the RAYNOX HD-2205PRO 2.2X
      Telephoto Conversion Lens. The combination gives a maximum zoom of 2.2X12 =
      26.4X. I am submitting this post of my preliminary evaluation of this lens in
      the hope that it will help others who may wish to do something similar.

      I mounted the lens on top of a 37mm UV filter I always have
      on to keep out dust. Except for sighting and, perhaps for some special zoom
      effect, the lens can only be used at maximum camcorder zoom because of
      tunneling. I set the camcorder to auto-focus (AF) and took the following videos.


      The first scene shows the Albany Watergate apartments. I
      chose this because it has fine lines and rectangular shapes and gives some test
      of resolution and distortion. Note the curtain and door movement in the upper
      left quadrant. The last scene shows a blimp centered in a clear sky. I took
      this to see if there was any indication of vignetting or darkening near the

      The second video shows the extent of chromatic aberration
      where the different colors don’t focus at the same place. This is most apparent
      at edges of high contrast near the outer sections of a frame. The subject is a
      sailboat passing with a dark background. Note how the colored line along the
      edges of the sails changes as the boat passes.


      You can minimize chromatic aberration by avoiding high
      contrast edges far from the center of the frame and by reducing aperture.

      See the helmsman wave goodbye at the end of the last
      passing, one of those little treasures sometimes not seen while shooting but
      only seen while editing.

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