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      I’mtrying for 14 days and I would like to know if these tests may find more
      video of Tips & Techniques is not here because I liked a lot and Isaw already, the announcement says there are over 1000 videos and suchis possible to join after the 14 days if so, do I have to wait until I finish my trial time is over to access these video? Can someone clarify this?

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      Not certain what you are asking. Could you be more specific?

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      My English is bad, I asked the question I want is to access more video tips and tricks that Im not finding them. I would like to buy my membership when I finish my 14 day trial period. I can not find more video I am enjoying, but do I have to wait until the end of my trial period, or are there OTHER help videos I can access meanwhile?

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      Assuming you are talking about the Plus Member program, you should be able to join at anytime without waiting for the 14 day trail period to pass. And having joined, there should be a huge number of additional videos you will be able to access.

      Perhaps Derek or one of the staff will pipe in here and offer a more definitive explanation. But I think your question is do you have to wait, and if not, whenever you DO join the Plus program are there more training resources made available to you via that membership. Correct?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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