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      I just completed the Tsunoda Wedding. Eric you were 100% right about the right fees to charge. I logged over 142 hours (of course part of that is the computer doing its thing, but it ties it up)

      I was stunned. I had been doing this as a hobby for so long I never gave it a second thought to log my time. So I made some alterations. I can’t really UP my fees for my area. There are some other companies here that offer less for more, but not much more and I have to be careful of theeconomy around here, it is really bad here. So I made some serious cuts in what I was offering, cuts that cost time

      After this shoot, the prices are not where I would like them to be, but in time, if the economy recovers any I can up them. In perhaps in March before wedding season I will. But Ilistenedto you Eric andyouwere right.

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      Grinner Hester

      140 hours on a wedding video?

      I can see shooting for 12 and doubling that in post.

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      Grinner. I am a 1 man team in post. And an overperfectionist. I cab’t tell you how many times I renderedandre-rendered a single clip because of a minor flaw. Ones no one will ever notice but me.

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      “I am a 1 man team in post. And an overperfectionist. I cab’t tell you
      how many times I renderedandre-rendered a single clip because of a
      minor flaw. Ones no one will ever notice but me.”


      Dude you need to get over that. It’s costing you money! I’m with Grin, ‘140 hours’ on a wedding that wasn’t shot cinematically with a HDSLR multi-camera or RED ONE setup intended for a ‘short-feature’ or feature length video and outputted to high-end DVD or Blue Ray? That’s just silly.

      There are going to be ‘flaws’ in any production. You get them to a point where only you or another pro who is ‘looking for it’ would see them and you move on. The more time you waste in post trying to ‘fix’ things the more money it’s costing you to do the work.

      Grinner is a straight one-man band, I often do so as well as do many of the other seasoned pros and intermediates here on the forums. So to blow nearly 12 times the hours on a single job is ‘off the hinges’. Working as a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ is about getting the production done quick and efficient as possible to maximize your profits.

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      Composite1 I know. I was torn between really wowing them or just impressing. But I do have a plan in mind. The girl that helped me on location she was a professional photographer. About a year ago she got cancer and I shot the thing from start to end. Her story is on my site. Well anyway she was wanting to work again, but the chemo has taken its toll on her memory and skills. But I neededinexpensivelabor and she needed to get back in the field. After the shoot we reviewed the “what went wrongs” and in the end she has gained a great deal (besides money). She is going back and re-teaching herself things she forgot. So what I hope to do is a tag team effect. Her on photos me on video. Of course major increase in rates. But on this production I felt it was a make or break deal. I have 3 friendsgettingmarried in less than 4 months. My son is in 2 of them. I want to shoot all of them, BUT these are really super close friends, the kind that know you so well they tend to “think” they can get more from strangers. So I know the wedding I just shot will be shown to them. If the WOW AWESOME effect takes place I may lock 1 or even all 3 in place. But to be honest, some of that time on this project was spent trying to recover lost data. On that I did spend too much time. 3 days before I gave up. That was being a block head. Also I had to learn how to use my NewBlue FX Effects. So a big part of that time will notoccuragain. I now know how to use the NewBlue FX and fast, also next time I loose data, well it is just gone, forget it. So you can shave off over 50 of those hours to those items alone. I also had to spend a ton of time with Cheree because her memory is still bad, but she needed a break. So a lot of things were smoothed out in the production that will not happen next time. But thanks for beingstraightwith me because I have to cut time down.

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      If I were to even presume to be a perfectionist I would apply all that personality flaw to audio/video acquisition so I could rip through the editing phase in no time at all.

      As Grinner and Wolfgang have noted, or implied, “perfection” results in a law of diminishing returns and in your case the most “diminished” return is money received vs time spent. But, you’ve realized this judging by your initial post and will work toward taking steps to address the lopsidedness of it all.

      So, work toward finding a way to please the consumer, the client, the customer if you’re going to be in business for the sake of making a living, making money, making a profit or maintaining a hobby. Or, work toward “perfection” (a journey, never a destination) if your primary goal is to be considered a artist, a artiste, a craftsman with no interest in being paid at all: only an abiding interest in winning production awards, being recognized for your gift of perfection, or building on your own sense of wonder.

      What the market will bear usually hits on a higher dollar value than most of us realize, as does what the market will bear as far as quality is concerned. While many do actually have champaign tastes at beer prices, most of us will “settle” for good, decent audio and visual production quality and skills – however subjective that may prove to be.

      We who are attempting to make a living, stay in business, occasionally expand our business investment, or even make a profit cannot afford to spend time, money and effort on perfection when the rent is due on Friday.

      It is also my personal experience that the term “perfectionist” is often used and applied when the reality of what most of us mean is fixing or repairing mistakes, operator errors or mechanical/technical mishaps beyond our control.

      I allow myself (not always a profitable allowance) up to twice the total amount of tape recorded (two hours of wedding video footage, six hours of editing) and consider however far I go beyond that to be lost revenues on any given wedding production, regardless of the price/quality relationship, and what I promised to deliver.

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      BTW I want to give a really big thanks togmelliottvideo. I watched your videos on your site over and over. With audio offandon off and on. I studied your shots and ideas and used some of them. I did the building sweep, the dress thing was awesome. I did the dressing idea, well I used a lot of your ideas, but with my take on them. I think you have somereallygood footage, and a great creative mind. I also took ideas from others. I then combined those with my own spin, and it really came out well. I will say this,withoutstudying the many talents here and watching some of the clips you guys post, I do not, no, I know this would not have had the effect it did. Thanks to all youguyshere on this forum, and to those that post clips to help others learn.

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