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      This could fall in any one of a number of other topic titles, and certainly might become more of a “Making Losses” instead of “Making Profit” but I’m gonna put my wish/shopping list for 2010 up here. Some, if not all of it will be purchased by Dec. 31, and hopefully the remainder in 1st quarter 2011. At the current level of production work I’m getting, and have booked over the next several months, it is not ALL wishful thinking.

      Two JVC GY-HM100 HD camcorders

      Two Litepanels MicroPro units

      Two Sennheiser MKE 400 and/or MKH 416-Pr8U3

      Two Sennheiser wireless units in the 3000/5000 model series

      One Manfrotto 468MGRC3 Head w/ 190XPROB sticks

      One Disc Makers 15-unit portable CD/DVD burning rack

      One of the BRAVO disk printing systems ??? or suitable heavy duty alternative for in-house printing

      Well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it (or most of it, well some of it, then again…)

      Anyone else care to share, or debate or willing to volunteer donations to help make my wishes come true 😉

      Sorry about the poll, wanted to have one for tripods/heads/support, one for “other” and one for none, but settled for NOPE.

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      Grinner Hester

      I’m gonna try not to aquire more overhead this year. My camera can’t last much longer, I’m sure so a RED Scarlet may be in my near future.Same with the Avid. I’ll milk it till it croaks then move on to a nice FCP suite.

      I do want a wide angle lans adapter for the FX1 soon. The one I want is just a few hundred bucks so I may do that. There are some plgins I’d love to have right now but I don’t have immediate demand to warrent spending money on something I’m looking forward to bidding farewell. I’ll beef up the FCP sute to the max when I make the change.

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      I’ve bought a number of support items including a new laptop, a new monitor for the NLE, lights, portable studio items and a Sony clamshell. The last items I’ve ordered for now are a long overdue Blackmagic capture card and some HDMI cables (definitely not Monster!)

      On the ‘pending list’ are items to assist with adding full tapeless acquisition to my existing tape based cams and and upgrades for CS5 Master Collection, Vegas 9 and Sound Forge 10.

      On the ‘wish list’ is a couple of Zoom H4n’s and one or two DSLR’s. Despite the impressive low light capability of the D3, overall I’m sold on the Canon line. Right now I’m torn on whether to get a 7D or a 5DmkII. I ruled out the 1Dmk IV after seeing it in ‘The Great Shootout’ and though it’s very good, I wasn’t impressed enough to want to pay $5k just for 1 body.

      I’m seriously leaning towards the 7D as it can shoot in 720p which can work with my GY200UB. But I really like the overall imagery the 5D and firmware controls that come out regularly. Unfortunately, going to DSLR will mean a whole new set of support gear to make a usable kit which means more money!

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      A small camera light (or basic lighting kit) to start off. Time and again I’ve thought about building my own out of LEDs, but then realized the better option may just be to purchase a set of quartz lights or LED mountable camera light.

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      Grinner Hester

      a dimmable LED headband headlight from Ace hardware is far superior to any camera light and costs less than 20 bucks.

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      I’m looking to upgrade some lighting. At the time of my voting above, so were 60% of the respondents, so I feel pretty good about that. From what I can tell, better lighting makes my stuff look a lot better. Other than that, I’m gonna work on my skills before I buy more stuff!

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