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      I’m doing a bit of research into various bits of video gear, trying to lay down my next purchases. I’m shooting a short film at the moment, with another planned later this year. Camera is a Panny PV-GS250… not the greatest, but it’s a nice little 3 chip with enough manual control to make things look pretty good (except in the dark). Aside from the short films I’ll also be filming a docu, and I do weddings off and on.

      I’ve picked up a wide angle lens, a number of filters (mist, fl-white, anda sepia and tiffen fog 2 just to have some effects; thread size 52mm).

      I’m using the erstwhile Audio Technica ATR-55 shotgun mic (my cam has a mini-jack).

      I had considered picking up a dfn filter next but I’m rethinking that. I’d like to add some equipment to my arsenal to help improve both the quality of the images as well as the various elements of production.

      My lighting gear is all homegrown: two dual-headed halogen work lamps on stands, and a smaller softer halogen lamp.

      Some of the things I’ve been pondering:

      – Legit light gear. Seems a bit pricey, and the stuff I’ve got now seems to do well enough.
      – XLR adapter with XLR mic. No idea if this is worth it for my camera.
      – Monitor. The small LCD display doesn’t do much for me on film shoots. A decent color monitor would probably be helpful.

      Maybe there are things i’m not considering… other filters?

      Guess I’m just trying to get a feel for what other folks doing what I do carry in their gear bags, and what gear should probably be higher on my priority list. I’m at a point where all of this stuff looks good and I’m just not sure quite where to begin. I’ve got about a$300 budget at the moment to get some new stuff. Any advice?

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