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      Hi all. I am interested in making a short reality show just for fun and I was hoping I could get some advise on what equipment I would need to use. I already have a Sony HDR-FX1 cam-corder and most of the equipment I need, but I know there are a few handy things I might be missing and I hope you all can help. So far I have the following:

      Sony HDR-FX1
      2 9 hour Batteries
      Battery Charger
      Camcorder Light
      Wide-angle Lens
      Lens Filters
      2 Extension Cord
      Surge Protecter
      High Def Blank Tapes
      Shoulder Brace
      Lens Cleaning Cloth
      White-balance Cloth
      Green Screen


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      Seems like you have enough but I’d add a steadicam for some Amazing Race style shots.
      A dolly, maybe…..

      Most of the Non-Amazing Race type shows will just place the camera in one spot so if Big Brother style is what you have in mind I think you are good to go.
      Filters, maybe….

      Boom mics…. Without a doutb.
      A good boom setup and maybe a box with some XLR inputs but you can just use the 1/8 jack.
      Monitor or laptop to view your images while you shoot…. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here.

      Boom mic. Yes.
      I think you’ll get better sound that way. Move the mic off camera when you can or keep you audio level below 5 with camera mounted mics on the FX-1.

      My two cents.

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      All that sounds good hidef, what kind of filters would you recommend?

      Any other ideas?

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      drPHk Wrote:

      All that sounds good hidef, what kind of filters would you recommend?

      Any other ideas?

      I’d at least go with a UV and Polarizing.
      UV yes.
      Polar, maybe…

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      A UV filter would definitely be of good value, especially to protect your camera’s lens, in whatever reality show you plan to produce. And a polarizer is always a good idea to have in your kit (for glares from glass, water, etc.)

      A good boom mike, like what hidef recommended, would be very crucial as well to create a quality production.

      A Steadicam would be a very neat investment as well, but may not be necissary. Otherwise don’t forget to consider your locations: ex. a raincover for anything near water

      Anyways, its sounds like you already have much of the equipment you need to make a neat reality show. good luck!

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      Don’t forget the gaffer tape!!!
      Oh…. and some scissors or pocket knife to cut it. πŸ˜€

      Ken Hull

      P.S. — You might bring an extra miniDV tape, too. πŸ˜‰

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      Thanks for all the tips guys it really helped me out!

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